Southwest Texas

Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a distribution cooperative (Texas 124 Schleicher County) with headquarters in Eldorado, Texas. The Cooperative serves all or parts of Schleicher, Sutton, Menard, Tom Green, Irion, Reagan, Upton, Crockett, Pecos, Val Verde, Concho and Edwards Counties.

The service territory covers 7200 square miles of rural West Texas, extending from the edge of the Chihuahuan desert to the west, to beautiful live oak covered hill country to the east. The service territory is dominated by farming, ranching and oilfield activity.

The majority of farming is dry land with the main crops consisting of cotton, milo, small grain and hay. Ranching has been popular since the first settlers in the region. Boer goats, sheep and cows are the most prevalent of ranching animals.

The oilfield continues to be a dominant economic force. Almost 80% of the cooperative load is directly related to oilfield activities. Oil and gas production occurs in every county that is served by Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative. Today, drilling continues at a steady pace as the demand for fossil fuels continues to climb.

Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative currently serves 8,376 meters with over 4,963 miles of energized line.

Pat Jackson

Director 2022 - Present

William (Buff) Whitten

Manager 2003-Present

Southwest Texas
Electric Cooperative, Inc.

101 East Gillis
Eldorado, Texas 76936

P.O. Box 677

Eldorado , Texas 76936

Phone: 325.853.2544
Fax: 325.853.3141
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