Lamb County

Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Lamb County Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a distribution cooperative (Texas 59 Lamb County) with headquarters in Littlefield, Texas, serving portions of Bailey, Castro, Cochran, Hale, Hockley, and Lamb Counties.

Lamb County's service area lies in the South Plains of Texas, and includes about 1,600 square miles at elevations of 3,300 to 3,800 feet. The cooperative's members are located in an area extending approximately 60 miles from north to south, and varying from 15 to 30 miles in width. The service area is divided by a strip of sand hills about ten miles wide that sections off the northern one-third of the area.

The Ogallala Aquifer lies under most of the service area. The northern portion has an abundant underground water supply, while in the southern portion water is less plentiful. Because of the lack of availability of underground water, the southern portion of the territory is mostly dryland farms and pasture land.

Principal crops grown in the area are alfalfa, corn, cotton, grain sorghum, vegetables, and wheat. The economy of the region is highly dependent on the agricultural production, oil and natural gas-related industries, with changes affecting the population, load growth, and electricity sales. The maximum demand for electricity occurs during the summer, primarily from irrigation and air conditioning loads during the hot and dry periods.

Kevin Humphreys

Director, 2013-Present

Blake Moore

Manager, 2022 - Present

Lamb County
Littlefield, TX

2415 South Phelps Avenue
Littlefield, TX 79339

2415 South Phelps Avenue

Littlefield, TX 79339

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